Ignition Coil manufactured by XX

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Ignition Coils - how the best is done

In order to guarantee to our clients attending their highest expectations with ignition coils, we will follow assumptions that ensure the quality: 
1.The production process according to ISO standards
2.The production lines in a clean environment with controlled temperature  
3.Accurate test systems
4.The primary winding: High-precision automated winding machines ensure perfect winding of the coil reels
5.Final assembly of the coils: The trained and skilled workers are in the manufacturing process. Regular inspection during production on all parts ensures a 100% reliability level before resin application. 
6.Resin application: we use epoxy resin in equipment with high vacuum chambers. 
7.Final test: After manufacturing,inspection, and testing, we perform the test in all of the products. For example, we check important parameters such as output voltage, electrical resistance, impedance, and inductance. 

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