What is the cause of the engine bearing failure? Can the front wheel bearing be broken?

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What is the cause of engine bearing failure?
If the car bearing is broken, it cannot be driven. If the tire bearing is damaged, the wheel will make a buzzing noise when the vehicle is running. If you hear this kind of abnormal noise, slow down the vehicle speed and carefully feel the source of the abnormal noise to rule out the tire noise factor. Lift the vehicle, swing the wheel left and right by hand, check whether there is a gap in the engine bearing, and then turn the wheel by hand, and feel whether there is a "buzzing" sound again. If the abnormal sound is clear, remove the tire bearing on the side where the abnormal sound is generated, and check whether the bearing runs smoothly. If it is found that the bearing runs freely and there is no sign of damage, it can be guessed that it is caused by the lack of lubrication at the spline of the half shaft. Try to apply grease to the spline of the half shaft and the bearing spline before testing.

The car bearing is broken, can it still be driven at this time?
If the bearing is broken, you will only increase the damage to the motor vehicle if you continue to drive. If the bearing is broken, if you continue to run, it will affect the driving comfort, cause the tire noise to become louder, and cause the vehicle to run off. Can severely damage the suspension and cause steering failure. In this case, it should be replaced in time.


Can the front wheel bearing be broken?
Engine-bearing manufacturers tell you it's not possible. If the front wheel bearing of the car is damaged, it should be detected immediately to prevent the car from causing more trouble and unnecessary losses. If the front wheel bearing of the car is broken, the noise will be loud, and it will make a humming sound when driving, which is different from tire noise. If you drive a car with a broken front wheel bearing, you'll strain your axle and end caps. If the bearing is damaged, the heat will be high.


How to check the engine bearing failure?
1. Set up one side of the car for inspection. If you check the rear wheels, you must first release the parking brake and turn the wheels with both hands. There is no abnormal sound when the normal wheel turns.
2. Mainly check whether the nuts are tightened. You can pinch the upper and lower parts of the tire, and then let the wheel shake from the inside out. If there is no shaking, then there is nothing wrong with the wheel bearing nuts. If cleaning the parts, place the cleaned bearings on a clean cloth and let the parts dry naturally.

How much does it cost to replace a broken bearing on a car?
The price of car engine bearings varies according to different models. Generally, the price of replacing a tire bearing in a car repair shop is around 400 (the price comes from the Internet, for reference only).
Wheel Bearings Worn or damaged wheel bearings or hub units can lead to inappropriate and costly failures along the way of your vehicle, or even damage to your safety. Please pay attention to the following items in the use and installation of hub bearings:

1. In order to ensure maximum safety and reliability, it is recommended that you always check the hub bearings regardless of the age of the vehicle - pay attention to the early warning signs of bearing wear: including any friction noise when turning or the suspension combination wheel turning abnormal deceleration.

For rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended that the front hub bearings be lubricated when the vehicle has driven to 38,000 kilometers. When replacing the brake system, check the bearings and replace the oil seal.

2. If you hear the noise from the hub bearing, first of all, it is important to find the location where the noise occurs. There are lots of moving parts that could be generating noise, or some rotating parts making contact with non-rotating parts. If it is confirmed that the noise is in the bearings, the bearings may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3. Because the working conditions of the front wheel hub causing bearing failure on both sides are similar, even if only one bearing is broken, it is recommended to replace it in pairs.

4. Hub bearings are sensitive, and in any case, correct methods and suitable tools are required. In the process of storage, transportation, and installation, the parts of the bearing must not be damaged. Some bearings require greater pressure to press in, so special tools are required. The engine bearing manufacturer warmly reminds us that it must refer to the automobile manufacturer's manual.

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