The ignition coil factory answers the reasons for the vibration of the car when speeding up and the corresponding solutions

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Many car owners and car lovers have a certain knowledge of car maintenance, but they usually pay more attention to the maintenance of car paint, headlights and tires, and often ignore the maintenance of the ignition system. However, whether the ignition system works well or not will directly affect the performance of the engine and needs attention. In this article, the ignition coil factory will tell you the reasons and corresponding solutions for the vibration of the car when accelerating.

Reason one:
Solution: The engine is low temperature, the temperature inside the engine is not enough, the temperature of the fuel and lubricating oil is not enough, and the fuel atomization is not good at low temperatures, resulting in a decrease in ignition energy and affecting power performance;
After driving for a period of time, the water temperature will rise, try not to let the engine run in the high-speed area; replace the thermostat. When the thermostat cannot be closed due to damage, it will cause the engine cooling system to be in a state of large circulation all the time, which will eventually cause the engine temperature to be too low and difficult to heat up.

Reason two:
Carbon deposits in the engine and intake duct, ECU judgment error, can not reach the required power
Solution: Carbon deposits appear in the intake duct of the engine, and the air filter element needs to be replaced.

Reason three:
Solution: The aging of the ignition system causes the ignition energy to become weak so that the ignition coil or spark plug cannot be ignited continuously, or there is an interruption during the ignition process, and the power cannot be continuously output well. Car owners should pay attention to the maintenance and replacement of the ignition system when using the car on weekdays. If the spark plug fails while driving, it is easy to cause the engine to lack cylinders and seriously affect the life of the engine.
Regularly clean and inspect the exterior of the ignition system to ensure that the ignition coil casing is free from oil, dust, damage, loose terminals, etc., replace aging or damaged ignition coils in time, and check its working performance at the same time.
Prevent the ignition coil from heat and moisture, maintain its good insulation performance, and create a good working environment for the ignition system. If there is a water stain on the ignition coil, just wipe it dry with a cloth in time.
If the car owner likes to check, clean, and update the corresponding parts frequently, then the spark plugs, ignition coils, line connectors, etc. have a high probability of failure, and special attention should be paid. In addition, the distributor cover, distributor, spark plug, and other components in the ignition system should also be maintained and inspected routinely to ensure the normal operation of the car.

Why should the car be maintained regularly?
It can improve the driving safety of the vehicle and ensure the power output of the vehicle engine. The maintenance of the motor vehicle needs to be referred to according to the maintenance mileage of the vehicle instruction manual. At the same time, it must be determined according to the specific driving conditions of the motor vehicle. Carry out maintenance for motor vehicles and prolong the service life of vehicles.

What does regular vehicle maintenance include?
Routine maintenance is to replace the vehicle's engine oil, engine oil filter, gasoline filter, air filter, and cabin filter. Secondly, check the vehicle's gearbox lubricating oil, power steering fluid, brake booster fluid, vehicle antifreeze, vehicle timing belt, and vehicle engine.

The ignition system of the car directly affects the performance of the engine and determines whether the engine can work normally. But at the same time, it is the system that is most prone to failure among the gasoline engine systems. Therefore, while car owners do daily maintenance for their cars, they also try to pay attention to this easily overlooked ignition system.

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